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Ours the jeweller shop is glad to welcome you. And it not mere words! Visitors, visited this page, as a rule, become steady customers the most refined us most refined and elegant ornaments. We give you the the kindliness, optimism also are ready to give a maximum of the information on what the jeweller products expect you on our counters-catalogues. Among neon fires of streets of cities-Internet, ours jeweller shop will meet with love the most expensive and valuable, that at it is - its buyers, giving to them desire to get a gift for itself and for the liked. here, at us, gold bracelets , wedding rings , earrings and a scattering jewels wait for you. ornaments jeweller , stylish and graceful, will underline your business status, beauty and romanticists during your life will add. There is one more pleasant moment - jewels , being fashionable ornaments, first of all, awake in us the aggravated feelings, nacreous cockleshells whisper about beauty of oceans, creating romantic moods and rescuing from grey everyday life. Brilliants , emeralds and sapphires gleam and tell about the far malachite mountains and secrets of gold. Ornaments jeweller not only various, but also absolutely correspond to all to trends of a present fashion. And she is a lady very changeable. And, nevertheless, ours experts in a course of all its changes and strictly trace new fashionable tendencies. Gold bracelets , chains, wedding rings sparkle yellow colour on show-windows ours jeweller shop . We have not forgotten about platinum and white gold! If to you all the same it would be desirable to get ornaments from white gold simply connect the white and pink, white and yellow - these combinations now as never, are actual! the Pearls white, black, white with pink and blue shades, bewitch and reminds dew under solar beams. At us is available - the most correct, pearls of the round form. The pearl exclusive expects you in the form of a necklace and bracelets. Earrings and rings with the large pearls draw a sight. Our experts will pick up ornaments which will be last stroke underlining your style, a gift which in the course of time all becomes more expensive and does not get out of fashion!

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Avg. weight: 22,04 g.


Avg. weight: 3.34 g.


Avg. weight: 8,34 g.


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Avg. weight: 10.84 g.


Avg. weight: 6,6 g.


Avg. weight: 9,68 g.


Avg. weight: 5,83 g.


Avg. weight: 10,34 g.


Avg. weight: 10,83 g.


Avg. weight: 9,98 g.


Avg. weight: 10,56 g.


Avg. weight: 8,38 g.


Avg. weight: 10,81 g.


Avg. weight: 12,93 g.


Avg. weight: 9,73 g.


Avg. weight: 8,64 g.


Avg. weight: 5,85 g.

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Avg. weight: 8,67 g.


Avg. weight: 4,89 g.

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